Water Damage Info

Thank you for inquiring about our iPhone water damage cleaning service. I would like to clarify the details of the service so that you can have all of the information you need before making your decision as to wether or not we can help you.

When we get questions like “Can you fix my water damaged phone” its hard to answer with a straight up yes or no. When an iPhone or other iDevice gets wet there are a multitude of things that can go wrong. 


What our water damage cleaning service entails:


  1. We start off by using our regular diagnosis methods like swapping the battery or dock connector. We try a lot of other things as well, but those are a few examples. If we find that it is a simple hardware exchange the cost of the water damage cleaning service is applied to that repair and we ship your phone back to you fixed.
  2. If we find that it is not a simple hardware exchange we start the water damage cleaning process by pulling the motherboard out of the device, removing the heat shields, and proceed to scrub the board down with various solutions. Once that is done we let the board soak in more chemicals for a minimum of 12 hours. After the soak, the board is removed form the chemical solution and set to naturally dry. Usually after this process we are able to get the device to function again.
  3. If that does not work, we run the board through our ultrasonic cleaner. This cleaner coupled with a low foaming detergent is highly effective in cleaning corrosion and other residues from the motherboard. 
  4. All of these processes are repeated as many times as necessary until we are able to revive the device. 


In most cases we are able to save the device, however there are some cases where we are unable to save it, and the water damage cleaning charge is non refundable regardless of the out come. As you can see we have a highly perfected technique and the chances of saving your device are in your favor. 


Without boring you on the lengthy details, there is about an 85% chance we can save your phone by our math.


We have a lot more information to offer you regarding on what takes place during this process, and we encourage you to call us if you have any other questions. 


We know you important it is to have these things back and working order, but be patient with us, this process usually takes about 48 hours, sometimes longer if necessary.


Thanks again for the inquiry,

Hayden Dawes - iBroke LLC