iPod Touch 4th Gen Broken Display (LCD) Repair


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Cracked glass
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LCD Display will not show anything
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iTouch 4th Gen Broken Display LCD Repair

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The iTouch 4th generation broken LCD repair is not as simple as the LCD replacements on the previous models. With this model of iTouch, the glass and the LCD have to be replaced as one piece. This is because the front panel (Glass/Frame/LCD) are all fused together. Out of all of the other repair options that we offer, this is by far one of the more difficult devices to fix. We do not recommend this repair as a DIY option, the new screens are very easy to break upon install. iBroke LLC has throughly trained our repair staff to have a steady hand when handling these fragile devices, so do not worry, your iTouch 4 is in good hands.

Select this repair and chose your shipping options. We will repair it the same day it arrives and ship back within 24 hours. We include a one year warranty on all of our screen replacements. If you have any problems or questions feel free to contact us. 

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