"Do-It-Yourself" iPhone 4 Back Glass Replacement (Black) CDMA or Verizon

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Broken back glass on your iPhone 4
Cracked back panel on your iPhone 4

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iPhone 4 Back Glass Verizon / CDMA


Did you recently break the back panel on your iPhone 4?

This DIY repair option is for the black back glass replacement of your iPhone 4. We want to help you get your iPhone 4 looking like it did the first day you bought it. The biggest problem with doing this iPhone repair yourself is finding the best back panel. The other big auction sites online are breeding grounds for suppliers that are peddeling low quality material. How do you know that you are getting a truly quality product from their sellers? There is a wide variety of grades of material floating around, if you are shopping for this panel on an auction site, you are most likely getting a knock-off.

How easy is this repair to do yourself?

This repair is very simple, and we fully recommend it as something to do yourself. You don't have to deal with shipping your iPhone in for this! Its easy - you can handle it, even if you have no prior repair experience! The back glass replacement on the iPhone 4 consists of removing the back panel by removing the 2 screws in the bottom of the phone. Then you gently slide the the back glass up about a 1/4 of an inch. At that point you simply remove it as if it where the battery cover on a remote control for your television. This repair option includes the repair part that you need, and one pentalobe screw driver in case you have the tamper resistant screws in the bottom of your phone.

We have removed the headache!

The biggest obstacle that we have tackled in this niche is parts suppliers. We have already gone through all of the headache involved in finding the right iPhone parts. The good stuff is hard to come by and we know that if you order somewhere else you are risking getting a low quality back panel.

Satisfaction or your money back!

We want your business, but if your not happy with our product then what good does that do? With little paid advertising, we rely on YOUR word of mouth and YOUR social shares to get our name out there. So if for some reason you are not ocmpletly satisfied with this back panel, just let us know and we will refund you no questions asked.

Want us to do this repair for you?

Just click here and we will direct you to the repair option where we do this service for you via our mail-in iPhone repair options!

A few more things before you go:

  • If you have any problems or concerns about the repair itself just give us a call anytime! 
  • We would love for you to share this page with your friends via the social plugins above, and check out our blog for some other cool stuff!

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