iPhone 4s Sprint Loud Speaker Repair

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Distored sound during music play
No sound at all during loudspeaker usage
Distorted sound during speaker phone calls

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iPhone 4s Loud Speaker Repair Sprint

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One of the iPhones major functions is the ability to play music. If you like sharing your tunes with friends but can't because of a blown speaker, then simply ad this repair to the shopping cart and we will take care of it. This little pleasure can really brighten up the room when a big sound system is available. The causes of this malfunction could be from exposure to moisture or just old fashioned wear and tear. We have a high quality speaker waiting for you at our shop!

iBroke always have the parts on hand to fix this malfunction right away, so when your phone arrives it gets fixed and shipped back within 24 hours. Give us a call we would love to help!