iPhone 4s Sprint Battery Replacement

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iPhone Battery does not hold a charge
iPhone Battery dies faster than it should
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iPhone 4s Battery Replacement Sprint

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If the battery in your iPhone 4s is not holding a charge like it should this repair option is for you. The life of a battery is dependent on its use, every time you plug your iPhone in, it's considered a "charge". A typical iPhone 4s battery should have at least 1500-2000 charges. That may not seem like much, but if you do the math (at 1500 charges) that comes out to being able to charge it an average of 4.10958904 times per day for a year (4.09836066 times per day on a leap year :). Other symptoms, like not powering on, but showing the charging logo, can indicate a bad battery as well. As always, if you have any questions about what repair to select, just give us a call. You can find iBroke contact information on our contact us page.

iBroke always have the parts on hand to fix this malfunction right away, so when your phone arrives it gets fixed and shipped back within 24 hours.