iPhone 4 Sprint Vibrate Switch Replacement

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Vibrate switch is missing or damaged
Vibrate switch flickers from ring to vibrate
Vibrate switch does not complete its function

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iPhone 4 Vibrate Switch Replacement Sprint

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The iPhone 4 Verizon Vibrate Switch Repair is required for those of us that find our phones ringing when they shouldn't be ringing. When this little switch goes bad, your iPhone 4 will ring when its supposed to vibrate or vice versa. This may not seem like a big deal, but if it catches you off guard, the Michael Bolton ringtone you downloaded last night could trigger your professor/boss to give you a hard time during your next review. Send this problem to iBroke and let us make sure it does not become a reality. 

We always have the parts on hand to fix this malfunction right away, so when your phone arrives it gets fixed and shipped back within 24 hours.

If your having problems with your vibrator switch please contact us.