iPhone 4 AT&T Front Camera Repair


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Camera will not focus
Camera app will not open
Camera shutter opens and closes

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iPhone 4 Front Camera Repair AT&T

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It is not uncommon for this malfunction to occur if the front glass has been shattered, especially if the broken glass is around the top of the screen. The lens can get punctured by a piece of the broken glass and cause the camera to stop working. Other causes for this malfunction are factory defective and water damage. Whatever the cause, iBroke can take care of it in a fast professional manner.

We always have the parts on hand to fix this malfunction right away, so when your phone arrives it gets fixed and shipped back within 24 hours. iBroke has set you up with the most convenient way to ship your device in, you can print a shipping label on the spot, and you will receive tracking notifications via email every step of the way.