iPhone 3GS Power Button Repair

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Quick Overview

iPhone screen will not lock
Power button is stuck in place
iPhone has the inability to power off
Power button area is damaged or cracked

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iPhone 3GS Power Button Repair

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Do you have a bad power/lock button on your iPhone 3gs?

If the lock button on your iPhone 3gs is not pressing down, stuck, broken off, or only working intermittantly then we can help with this repair option. Our trained iPhone repair staff have done this particular repair with ease since the iPhone started breaking down. We consider it the most difficult repair to do on the iPhone 3gs becuase of all of the tiny screws that need to be removed in the tight corners of the rear housing. Select this repair option and our techs will do this one for you!

You are in good hands!

Our trained repair staff have been exposed to every type of damage an iPhone could possibly suffer. We have done hundreds, if not thousands of iPhone and iPad repairs, and iPhone screen replacements are among the most common problems our precious devices fall victim to. This particular repair only takes us about 10 mins (or less) from start to finish. 

1 year warranty on all iPhone and iPad button replacements!

Yep that's right, a full 365 days of no questions asked coverage. If for any reason the material is found to be defective during this 1 year period, we will pay for your return shipping and replace it for free. Its really that simple. We only use the highest quality iPhone parts on the market when doing our repair services, so we are confident that you will not have any problems with this service. Every phone is thoroughly tested before and after its repair to make sure that you are getting the absolute best quality iPhone repair service available.

Want to do this repair yourself?

Its defiantly possible, but we are going to rate it at very difficult. If you feel comfortable doing this repair, then we are happy to offer you a do it yourself iPhone 3gs power button flex, and the tool kit you need for the job will be included at no extra charge. We recommend that you have some prior experience to small electronics repair before preforming this job on your own, the iPhone 3gs can be tricky to work on if its your first time. A do it yourself repair guide will be provided upon request.

A few things you should know about our iPhone repair services:

We take our work very seriously because we know how important these devices are to our customers. It may not be something that needs to be said, but we will say it anyway, fixing your iPhone is our number one goal and we value your business. If you have any questions about the services we offer or need help using any part of our site please let us know. You can click here to contact us or give us a call via the toll free number listed at the top of our homepage.

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