iPhone 4s Motherboard Soldering Diagnostic

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You may need this service if:
-You have an iPhone motherboard problem but do not know what it is
-Need an iPhone motherboard repair but do not see it listed in our site

If your phone has suffered water damage, please select your repair in this section - Click here

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iPhone 4s Motherboard Diagnostic

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Something wrong with your iPhone's motherboard?

We get a lot of inquires about iPhone motherboard repair ranging from "Can you fix this certain component I broken off" to "I think there is something wrong with my motherboard". We have the best micro soldering equipment in the industry and feel confident that if it can be fixed, we can fix it. With iPhone motherboard repairs being more intricate than the other repair services we offer, we will need to take a look at the board before we can give you an accurate quote in regards to repair costs. 

With this service you can get an expert micro soldering technician to give you an accurate diagnosis for your device's mainboard soldering needs. 

If your device has been water damaged, please click here and select the appropriate model, our water damage repair services include this diagnostic service along with many other techniques we use to revive water damaged iPhones. You can read all about those services and what they entail by clicking here.

What are you getting with this service?

Just like every other diagnostic service we offer, our job is to thoroughly examine your iPhone's motherboard so that we can quote you for a repair. No additional work will be done on your board without your consent; we will contact you promptly after finding the problem. We start by pulling the motherboard out of the device you send us and putting it under an electronic microscope with 40x magnification. From that point we are looking for broken or burnt components that cause malfunction. We've looked at so many boards that we can usually spot the problem right away. 

What do we need from you?

Well, you can send the board only or you can send the entire iPhone. If you send us the motherboard only, we will not warranty any repairs that it may receive under our care if another repair technician or do it yourselfer does the reinstall. If you send us the whole iPhone we will warranty our work for the life time of that device as long as no one else attempts any repairs on it. 

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