iPhone 4 Do It Yourself Repair Screen (CDMA / Verizon-Sprint) Black


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Broken iPhone 4 glass
Broken iPhone 4 screen

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iPhone 4 Verizon Do It Yourself Repair Screen


This is the repair part that you need for a do it yourself iPhone 4 Repair Screen. If you have shattered your iPhone screen select this part and iBroke will ship you a new screen for a Do It Yourself repair. If you want to try this repair, but are unsure how to do it, here's an instructional video.

With this repair part, the glass and the LCD are already fused together. Any repair company trying to sell you glass or LCD separately for this phone is running a scam, you have to replace the entire front panel as a whole when doing this iPhone repair.

iBroke always has the parts on hand to ship out to you, once we process your order we will ship the parts to you within 24 hours.

If you decide that you are not comfortable doing this repair yourself, you can select the iPhone 4 screen repair option where you send your phone into professionals for repair.

Please feel free to contact us here with any questions.