iPhone 3gs / 3g #1 LCD Connector Motherboard Repair


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iPhone 3g 3gs LCD Connector Repair

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The iPhone 3g / iPhone 3gs LCD connector (this is the connector for the display flex cable) repair is just one of those things that can go wrong. It happens to the best of us. This tiny little motherboard connector can rip off during a screen replacement if you are not careful. Usually it is a direct result of using to much pressure during the front panel removal process. If you have repaired broken iPhones long enough, you probably have run into this problem. The connector can easily break off during an attempt to repair an iPhone if caution is not used - this is one reason that we offer you the screen replacements. If it happens we can fix it. This repair option is for the resoldering of the number 1 LCD connector on an iPhone 3g/3gs. This repair option usually has a 48 hour turnaround.

The mother of all repairs brought to you by iBroke. Because of our ability to preform this type of repair, we can offer you a broader range of services. There are several iPhone Motherboard Repair selections listed within our main site. These complex motherboard repairs are done by our soldering tech in South Carolina, this is the one thing that our Lake Park mail-in center wont touch because the proper equipment to preform these repairs is very very complex and it can only be operated by trained professionals. We would never recommend that you ever try this repair at home, nor do we recommend that you trust this type of repair to anyone who does not have experience with this specific type of motherboard repair. 

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