iPhone 3g Home Button Flex

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iPhone 3g Home Button Replacement


If you have a broken home button or one that needs to be replaced, then buy this part. Its usually not the button that goes bad when our home buttons stop working! Its the little flex cable that runs underneath that needs to be fixed. This is a pretty difficult repair, you have to remove everything inside the phone, pull the screen of, and then you can access this little button. We even throw in an extra just in case you break one! This home button flex cable is not compatible with the iPhone 3g or the iPhone 3gs If you home button is stuck, cracked, jammed, or does not respond - this little flex cable will save the day. There is a difference in quality of material. We can easily get copy flex from our manufactures for .25 per unit, but they don't last. As always we have a truly original iPhone 4 home button flex cable - long lasting and original.

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