iPhone 3g / 3gs Motherboard Coil Repair


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iPhone Motherboard Repair

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Water damaged iPhones with dim displays don't always need simple LCD replacements. Sometimes this motherboard repair is needed. Either way, we can fix your broken back light with this repair option. If its not the coil, a jumper wire will get your phone up and running again and we will substitute that for this repair option if it comes down to it (no extra charge).


More information about our motherboard repair services:

The iPhone 3g / iPhone 3gs motherboard coil replacement is often needed for liquid damaged iPhones. If you have an iPhone with a dark display, the first thought would be that an LCD repair would solve the issue; but, that does not always fix the dark display. The little coil featured in this motherboard repair option powers the display, and it at times shorts out or goes bad when wet. We can easily replace this motherboard coil if you select this motherboard coil repair option. 

The motherboard coil repair does not always resolve this issue either. If we get this far into the repair and find that the coil repair doesn't fix the dark screen, we will run a jumper wire from one of the components on the mainboard with enough power to light the display - it will hold, and it will work.

So as you can tell we know motherboards (mainboard repair), and have plenty of options - especially for water damaged boards. We have a huge success rate with all of our water damage repair services.

All of these complex motherboard (mainboard repair) repairs are preformed by our soldering staff at another location, this is the one thing that our Lake Park mail-in center wont touch. The equipment involved is very very complex and it can only be operated by trained professionals. We do not recommend that you ever try this type of repair at home, nor do we recommend that you trust this type of work to anyone else, especially if they have not preformed this task before.


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