iPhone 3g / 3gs #3 Jaw Connector Replacement


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Broken Jaw Connector
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iPhone 3g 3gs Jaw Connector Replacement

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The iPhone 3g / iPhone 3gs jaw connector replacement / repair is usually directly related to bad luck. If you haven't taken the front panel off of an iPhone 3g / iPhone 3gs before just know that you will at some point probably break this little piece. Its near impossible to work with these devices untrained and not break this jaw connector off of the motherboard. So if you are not comfortable preforming this task, let us handle your iPhone 3g glass replacements so this doesn't happen. 

This jaw connector on the motherboard is very fragile, and can easily break if to much pressure is applied when trying to remove an iPhone screen. If you broke this jaw connector during the DIY repair process, select this repair option. It usually has a 48 hour turnaround time as this repair requires special motherboard solder equipment.

All of these complex motherboard repairs are preformed by our soldering staff in South Carolina, this is the one thing that our Lake Park center wont touch because the equipment involved is very complex and it can only be operated by a trained professional. We do not recommend that this type of repair be done at home, nor do we recommend that ever you trust this type of work to anyone else who has not previously repaired iPhone motherboards.

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