Do not live with a broken iPad screen for another minute!

Get your iPad screen repair done by a professional brand you can trust! 


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Broken iPad Screen Repair


Do you have a broken glass or LCD screen on your iPad?

It doesn't matter whether its cracked, smashed, broken, shattered, or busted - We can fix it, and not only that it will look brand new when we are done. With this iPad repair option we will fix you up with a smooth factory finish covered by a rock solid warranty. All of our iPad screen repair services have a 24 hour turn around guarantee, if we do not repair the broken glass or LCD and ship it back with-in that 24 hour window, your repair is absolutely free of charge (yes, we refund the shipping as well)! In most cases we are able to repair it and have it shipped back the very same day it arrives at our repair center. 

You are in good hands!

Our trained repair staff have been exposed to every type of damage an iPad could possibly suffer. We have done hundreds, if not thousands of iPhone and iPad repairs, and iPad screen and LCD replacements are among the most common problems our precious devices fall victim to. This particular repair only takes us about 35-45 mins (or less) from start to finish. 

1 year warranty on all iPhone and iPad screen replacements!

Yep that's right, a full 365 days of no questions asked coverage. If for any reason the material is found to be defective during this 1 year period, we will pay for your return shipping and replace it for free. Its really that simple. We only use the highest quality iPad parts on the market when doing our repair services, so we are confident that you will not have any problems with this service. Every phone is thoroughly tested before and after its repair to make sure that you are getting the absolute best quality iPad repair service available.

Want to do this repair yourself?

Its defiantly possible, but we are going to rate it at very difficult. If you feel comfortable doing this repair, then we are happy to offer you a do it yourself iPad repair glass with digitizer, just visit our iPad parts section. We recommend that you have some prior experience to small electronics repair before preforming this job on your own, the iPad can be tricky to work on if its your first time. A do it yourself repair guide will be provided upon request.

A few things you should know about our repair services:

We take our work very seriously because we know how important these devices are to our customers. It may not be something that needs to be said, but we will say it anyway, fixing your iPad is our number one goal and we value your business. If you have any questions about the services we offer or need help using any part of our site please let us know. You can click here to contact us or give us a call via the toll free number listed at the top of our homepage.



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