iPad 2 Motherboard Repair - 4r7 Coil


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Dim backlight
Non existant backlight
LCD replacement does not fix the problem

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iPad 4r7 Coil Repair

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At iBroke we pride ourselves in our ability to diagnose and repair the complex problems associated with iPads and iPhones. The iPad 2 4r7 Coil repair is needed when you end but with a backlight (some may call it an LCD) that is not responding to the traditional LCD replacement. Dropping an iPad or extreme heat can cause the LCD to go bad, and in most cases an LCD replacement will fix the problem.

Do not trust this repair in the hands of anyone who is inexperienced in motherboard repair. This type of service requires special soldering equipment, it is not the traditional soldering torch kind of job.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, this is a sensitive subject and we are here to help walk you through your options.