iPhone 4 "No Signal" - Blue Inductor Motherboard Repair

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Blue inductor reflow

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iPhone 4 "No Signal" - Blue Inductor Motherboard Repair

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Have you recently attempted a screen replacement on your iPhone 4 only to find that you were not getting a signal after everything was put back together? Believe it or not it is very common. If you look really closely you will notice two little tiny blue "dots" on the motherboard rear the antenna / battery connector. Those little blue inductors are responsible for getting the signal and the sim card connected. If you nicked or banged one of those little blue inductors (its very easy to do) then you will need this motherboard soldering repair.

We are highly capable of these repairs and have done many of them to date. Our hands are steady and our equipment is high tech. If you want some soldering magic on your motherboard is the only game in town you can trust.

Turnaround time on these types of repairs can take up to 3-4 business days to complete, but usually they are done within 1-2 business days of us receiving your device.