At iBroke we strive to accomplish a simple task exceptionally well. Our goal is to allow our customers to remain connected to the vast digital world, enabling their business and personal lives to flourish. iBroke is here to fix the tools you depend on daily in a fast, efficient and honest fashion.  

Since iBroke’s inception at a friendly lunch (mid 2010), we have grown into an industry leader. We are not the first or only iPhone and iPad repair company. We simply believe we do it better, faster, more reliably and with better parts than our competitors. We may take for granted the technology in our iPhones and iPads, but they are extremely complicated pieces of machinery. We have worked diligently to learn the intricacies of the new iPad and iPhone devices enabling us to accomplish repairs other companies cannot. Our experienced technicians ensure that any repair will be precise and lasting. We have taken pains to source our parts exclusively from manufacturers of OEM parts. This allows us to offer a one-year guarantee on all repairs aside from water-damaged devices. After your repair is complete our swift and efficient shipping department will enable your device to be returned as quickly as possible. 

As a business we are only successful to the extent that we meet our customer’s needs. Our goal is to gain the confidence of our customers through exceptional service. If we have not met your expectations we want to hear about it.

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The owner got iBroke mentioned locally, nationally, and internationally when we were just a local repair shop!

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