Did you drop your iPad in water or get it wet somehow?

We have the finest iPad water damage repair techniques on the market! 

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Putting a fully assembled liquid damaged iPad into a bag of rice for a few days does nothing but leave moisture trapped inside!  

It is the mineral deposits left behind when the liquid dries that cause the damage / corrosion. Get it here ASAP – the sooner the better. We have saved water damaged iPads that did not get here right away, but getting it in fast is defiantly the best idea.


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What are you getting from us?

We get a lot of questions in our contact us form that look like this “Can you fix my water damaged iPad”.

Our iPad water damage cleaning service is a little different from our other water repair services. Even though the iPad and iPhone are made by the same company, they are two completely different devices. 

When an iPad or other iDevice gets wet there are a multitude of things that can go wrong, so we start off by using our regular iPad diagnostic methods like swapping the battery or dock connector. We try a lot of other things as well, but those are a few examples. If we find that it is a simple hardware exchange the cost of the water damage cleaning service is applied to the cost of the repair and shipped back. We only do repairs with your full consent.